Saturday, October 13, 2007

Project Four- Mixing

Please follow these directions step by step. Email me if you have questions. There are no excuses for not following them properly. These are the minimum requirements for this project. This is due on Thursday, October 18.

Bring headphones to class on Tuesday. I will go over Equalization and filters in class. The rest of class will be a workday.

For your fourth project-

- Make a 3 minute mix using only your previously recorded tracks, with each of your 3 tracks (instrument, voice, portrait) present at SOME point in the mix.

- Do this 2 times, creating 2 mix tracks

- Using one of those final tracks, use "EQ" and/or "Single Ban EQ" (on it) from the "effects" tab in SoundTrack Pro, and create a 3rd track.

- Then, take these mixed tracks, and mix them down into 1 track. This will be your final piece. Please export it to an .aiff or .wave file.

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