Thursday, December 6, 2007

Final Assignment

The Final Crit will be in the Projection Room in the Library. Please follow the attached link, if you need assistance finding the room.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

La Jetee- Tuesday November 13, 2007

Hey Gang,

I've booked us a viewing room in the library for next class. So, let's meet in 207 at 1 PM. Then we'll go over to the viewing room in the media center (in the library) as a group...okay?

If you want to meet us over in the library, that's cool too. Just let me know in advance. Please do not be late for class! We'll only be over there for about 40 minutes or so.

We'll finish class in 207 after the movie.

See you then!!!

Doug Aitken Links

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another really great radio program example

Hey guys,

I think this program has a really great mix of interviews, sounds, environment, narrating, etc.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great programs to check out....

To get an idea of a good interview:

Fresh Air -

The Diane Rehm Show-

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review- Using the PhoneBlog

I have set up an account on the Phoneblogz system. I have created another blog which facilitates only audio recordings. I have invited you all to this blog. Please check your spam mail for that invitation. The name of the blog is "Sound Parking Lot" on

To use this system:


So, please post on that blog when you would like to use it, if you need it on a particular day. Otherwise, you risk the chance of not being able to use it, if four other students have already used it that day. This is available to all of my students, in each of my classes. But this class is the only class that has the permissions to use it.

2. Recordings can be 15 minutes in length. That said, please be prepared and rehearsed, and ready to use it when you call in.

3. This system may only be used for audio purposes for this class and only by members of this class. Please do not abuse this system.

4. Call this number to begin using it:

212 660 0161

5. Follow the prompts. The Access code is: 11529. The PIN is: 6674.

6. Make your recording.

7. Check the blog for the posting of the audio. Download the audio as a Quicktime movie.

Happy Recordings!

Radio Project

Project Five: Supporting a Story (Radio Project)

Think about a story about a real event, whether it is a historical event, perspective on life, or personal event.

Tell that story using audio. Include interviews and supporting sound.

Things to keep in focus:

1. What are these supporting sounds?

2. How are all these sounds linked together? How are they editing, and mixed together? Which one goes out, and which one goes in?

Be careful not to make these too dense. This project is in a different direction than we’ve been approaching thus far this semester. Don’t forget about the goal here- telling a story. Use your supporting sounds, and the mixing of sounds as a key tool in articulating this story. Keep in mind all the ideas that we have been talking about in class.

You are also free to work in groups if you’d like. You do not have to. If you do, I expect to see the combined power of your team.

This project is worth 25% of your final grade. Please keep that in mind when working.

Due: November 6, 2007

Links to NPR Stories from Class

This American Life: Blame It on Art-

Weekend America: One Thing: From Burundi to Phoenix

Battle On The Slopes: World War II's Ski Troops

Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Project Four- Mixing

Please follow these directions step by step. Email me if you have questions. There are no excuses for not following them properly. These are the minimum requirements for this project. This is due on Thursday, October 18.

Bring headphones to class on Tuesday. I will go over Equalization and filters in class. The rest of class will be a workday.

For your fourth project-

- Make a 3 minute mix using only your previously recorded tracks, with each of your 3 tracks (instrument, voice, portrait) present at SOME point in the mix.

- Do this 2 times, creating 2 mix tracks

- Using one of those final tracks, use "EQ" and/or "Single Ban EQ" (on it) from the "effects" tab in SoundTrack Pro, and create a 3rd track.

- Then, take these mixed tracks, and mix them down into 1 track. This will be your final piece. Please export it to an .aiff or .wave file.